One Set of Requirements. Multiple Stakeholders. Automatic Updates.

Scopal is the tool for maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors when sharing engineering requirements with customers and vendors.

Organize your team around one set of

Main Requirements

Create or import engineering requirements with our easy-to-use interface.

Streamline Communication.
Keep everyone in sync. With Scopal, you won't lose track of emails or changes, everything is handled within our system.
Embrace Change with Confidence.
Requirements can and do change - Scopal enables you to adapt swiftly and confidently, offering a simple approach to managing evolving project needs.
Product screenshot

Create siloed environments for stakeholders with


Use Spaces to manage communications and push automatic updates to vendors and customers.

Share Requirements Selectively.
With Scopal, you can easily share specific subsets of requirements with vendors and clients, ensuring they receive only the information that is relevant to them.
Improve Collaboration.
Turn customers and vendors into partners. Stakeholders in Spaces can suggest and approve changes, ensuring that project updates are always tracked and known.
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Keep eveyone updated with lightweight

Change and Approval Workflows

Manage and approve changes in one application to maintain traceability and capture important decisions.

Merge Suggested Changes
With Scopal, you can easily merge suggested changes into your main requirements. These changes then automatically propogate out to all the relevant spaces.
Track Decisions
With a log of all changes, you can see how the project evolves and makes sure the correct work is completed and billed for.
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Enhance Workflow, Remove Workload

One Platform for All Your Project Requirements and Vendor Management

Introducing Scopal, the requirement management super-tool. Explore the key ways Scopal can empower your team and transform your projects:

Reduce rework
Scopal integrates with popular engineering tools, automatically pushing updates and alerting your team to requirement changes in real time.
Simplify Workflows
Forget about juggling emails and spreadsheets. Scopal lets you track all requirements in a user-friendly interface.
Keep Projects On Track
Work together with clients and vendors to ensure everyone understands the project requirements, keeping your team focused and your project on schedule.
Increase Communication
Nothing gets lost in translation when your team, customers, and vendors can define requirements, manage changes, and collaborate using a single interface.

Use cases


Engineering Services Firms

Empower inside sales and sales engineers to initiate the requirements gathering and definition process, then easily hand off projects to applications engineers, project managers, and other knowledge workers. Use templates to accelerate the quoting process for common services and ensure requirements are well defined to make the project run smoothly.


Machine Builders and Integrators

Gather initial system requirements from your client in a discovery call. Collaborate with teammates and the client to refine the requirements, outline acceptance criteria, and document changes.


Niche Consulting Agencies

Bring clients into the requirements definition process to ensure a mutual understanding of the work to be done. Use Scopal as a source of truth to empower employees to work independently while ensuring they stay in scope.